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This is an internet site made up of memorials and tributes to people who have died in a road crash.

It is brought to you by the UK charity, RoadPeace, which offers support and information to road crash victims.

The site provides opportunity for friends, families and communities to remember those they have lost. It also provides a collective recognition of the devastation brought about because of the current dangers on our roads.

RoadPeace has provided an internet memorial service since 2002. This site was upgraded and re-launched in May 2011 to commemorate the United Nation's launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety. It contains all the memorial and tributes that have been created over this time.

Anyone using this site is agreeing to adhere to its terms of use. Please familiarise yourself with these.

RoadPeace respects that the information that you provide is highly sensitive and personal. But it would also like to consider keeping you aware of and informed about issues relating to road death or injury. You will have the opportunity to let RoadPeace know how you prefer to be kept informed and contacted by the charity.

People who use this site say that they find it comforting, supportive and informative. We understand this is a site which brings up strong emotions and can be upsetting. Please contact us at RoadPeace if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

If you have found this site helpful please consider making a donation so that the memorials and tributes can continue to be available for you, your friends and family and other people who so sadly find they need a site like this.