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Other support from RoadPeace

RoadPeace was founded by a bereaved mother in 1992, and the majority of its local group coordinators and Board of Trustees are bereaved. We know the devastation that a road death has on a family.

A road death is not a normal death but one that is completely unexpected, often extremely premature, and complicated by being a violent death in public and in a manner that too many still see as unfortunate, but not preventable.

In addition to the remembrance opportunities described on this internet memorial site, RoadPeace provides other types of emotional and practical support to bereaved families.

Emotional support

Call our helpline if you would like to speak with someone who can empathise with your loss and/or outrage. We have a befriender network and can try and find you a befriender who has had a similar experience to you. Many bereaved mothers ask to speak to other bereaved mothers or families who have had cyclists killed ask to be put in touch with other, similar families.

RoadPeace has also introduced a Resilience Support Programme. People recently bereaved attend a six week programme where they work with other bereaved people in small groups, guided by trauma therapists, to learn how to cope with symptoms of trauma. This programme also has the added benefit of bringing bereaved people and families together and this has been helfpul in reducing their sense of isolation. This programme has received widespread recognition and support. It has received funding to continue during 2011-2014 and over time will be organised in more locations around the UK.

"It was very helpful, so pleased my FLO told me about this. It was a safe and calm environment with other people who had been through the same thing. It galvanised me into accepting practices that I knew would be helpful but which are hard to do on your own."  Resilience participant in 2010

RoadPeace helpline is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm on 0845 4500 355 or

Practical support

If you are still involved in the criminal or civil legal procedures that follow a road death, you may find RoadPeace's guides and information sheets helpful. There are guides available that explain the investigation, inquest, charging decision, criminal prosecution.